Product Photography

In this fast-paced environment, Cassie captures two galleries for each product - one of the fragile, hand-made prototype, and one for the production sample and packaging. Aside from the studio photography that must accurately showcase the intricate details of each product, Cassie also shoots dramatic storytelling images utilizing theatrical lighting, dramatic colors and her own custom hand-built sets. Post-production is just as detailed and complex a process as the shoots themselves. Cassie edits her photography for use on the e-commerce site, as well as for use in marketing campaigns, social media, publishing and packaging. Cassie's favorite part of her job as a Sideshow photographer, though, is her behind-the-scenes photojournalism. Throughout her day-to-day on the vibrant 5-building and 200+ employee campus, Cassie documents the colorful and quirky artist personalities that bring Sideshow's pop icons to life with clay, paint and pixels. Cassie's passionate and disarmingly friendly nature has enabled her to capture intimate images of the most introverted artists hard at work on their craft.