Behind the Scenes: Statue Photography

Product Photography

When Cassie is preparing to to work her magic with studio photography of a product, she employs a two-stage process.
In the first stage, she endeavors to create as realistic and detailed a portrait of the product as possible. Cassie starts off with clean white or black background. This simple backdrop puts all the focus on the product, as seen through Cassie's eyes, as she works her way around the product, taking pictures. The resulting "turnaround" collection of images documents the piece from every angle, with special detail shots where Cassie feels a closer look at a product detail is warranted. These images utilize very bright, straight-forward lighting so the customer can see exactly what they are purchasing, even though they are not seeing the product in-person.
This initial stage in her process helps Cassie to get to know the product, and figure out the best angles to use in her next phase, in which she captures storytelling images of the product. For character-based products, like the pop culture statues by her clients Sideshow Collectibles, PCS Collectibles and Tweeterhead, Cassie uses theatrical lighting to bring the character to life. Cassie loves to hand-build custom sets in her studio to further compliment and contextualize these statues. She makes use of organic elements from outdoors, as well as custom-printed backdrops. Cassie layers these set pieces, and then creates depth with lighting to create spectacular environments for the product, connecting the consumer with story and character - ultimately building an emotional connection to the product.